Marketing your restaurant is a MUST if you want to capture the attention of new customers that haven’t tried you before, and keep those that have coming back.   We would love to help you with your restaurant marketing with these 7 restaurant marketing strategies to gain attention from future and past guests.

Food Photos

Showcasing photos of your food is a great way to entice people to come in and check out your restaurant.  Take time to produce high-quality delicious food photos that make your potential guests drool when they see

Restaurant Marketing Strategies

them.  Your drool-inducing photos should be featured on your website as well as your Social Media profiles and other local sites.  We always suggest the following at minimum; Instagram, Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, and Trip Advisor.


 Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs are a great way to get your guests to return on a regular basis.  Rewarding frequent guests helps build loyalty and produce a regular customer base you can count on.Loyalty Marketing for Restaurants


 Email Marketing

Guests like to receive offers to entice them to come into your restaurant.  Email Marketing is a great way to deliver offers to your guests.  Email marketing for restaurants is even better when you can tie in a way to not only track your open rate but your walk-through rate so you know how many guests came in when they received your email.


 Google Power (Google My Business)

Claiming your Google My Business profile and ensuring it is up to take is a MUST do for restaurants.  When you claim your Google My Business listing there are a few key things you should do:

  • Make sure your Restaurant Name, Address, Phone Number and Hours are Correct
  • Include Your Menu Links
  • Include Links for Actions You Want Guests to take (for example reservations)
  • Add Photos
  • Respond to Reviews and ask for New Ones
  • Take Advantage of the Posts Feature


Social Media for Restaurants Social Media

Social Media is critical for your restaurant.  Maintaining an active social media presence allows you to connect with your current and future guests and tells a story of who you are.  Restaurants can use social media to tell a story of who they are.  The story a restaurant tells on social media should include the location, food, employees and customers as well as why they are a great place to eat at and work at.

When someone is looking for a new restaurant to try – usually one with an active social media presence is more appealing than one that has little to no presence.


 Geo-Targeted Advertising with trackable results

Restaurants need to advertise; however, we like methods that work to target your ideal guest instead of using the Val Pak or Money Mailer approach.  The methods we like are the ones where you can deliver ads directly to potential guests based on geographic area as well as other demographics and criteria.


 Messenger Bot Marketing

Restaurant Marketing - Messenger Bots

Messenger Bot Marketing is something new for restaurants and it is very powerful.  This allows you to combine the power of Facebook ads to target your ideal guests and deliver them a promotion to come in.  The exciting part of this restaurant marketing method is that you are able to capture their data and also track when they redeem the offer.

If you would like to explore these marketing strategies further, we would love to set up a FREE Restaurant Marketing Strategy Session with you.