We have the perfect online ordering platform that we can get you up and running on QUICKLY so that you can start taking orders and payment online for your restaurant.

Allow customers to place orders online before you open for pick-up later that day or later in the week.  Free up your phone lines and drive more business every day!

We can also enable a delivery option to allow you to manage your own deliveries.


A key to having a thriving restaurant is building a database of raving fans. We have a proven system to help you acquire new customers, retain existing ones, and increase your average check while keeping your customers coming back and creating raving fans.

We use social media, technology and great marketing techniques to build awareness about your restaurant, build a database and drive sales.

Social Media Management and Marketing

Having an active engaging social media presence is very important for bars and restaurants.  We will work with you to align your social media strategy with your events and promotions and create relevant content that will be posted on a regular basis to the social media platforms we decide to focus on.  Typically for bars and restaurants the 2 must focus on social media platforms are Facebook and Instagram, with Twitter next.

We create branded content using your images as well as stock images – if we have to.  The goal is to ensure your branding is the same across all of your marketing.

It is our goal to create content that is informative, entertaining and engaging and ensure you have an actively engaged following.


Reputation Management

Your Reputation is very important to the success of your bar or restaurant.  We have a system that helps you get more reviews, show cases the positive ones and addresses the negative ones.  Negative reviews do happen, but how you handle them is key – we watch for them and do our best to work with you to highlight any core issues and to respond accordingly working on trying to turn a negative into a positive.

You probably already know this but the more positive reviews you have the more likely a new guest is going to visit you verses your competitor with less positive reviews.

Local Directory Management

Did you know that there are several online directories that your information can be listed in?  There are about 60 give or take that are the top ones for this and Google even looks to these to validate your information and attach a trust factor to it.

We ensure that your information is accurate and consistent across the internet by adding you to these key directories and ensuring your contact information, NAP (Name, Address and Phone) are consistent and correct as well as your hours and menus.  We also ensure that you have recent updated images in these directories.

We update these on a regular basis and also add you to more each month.  This creates what we call “citations” and also creates back-links to your site – this in turn helps your Google love factor and your rankings on Google.


Website Design and Management

Having a website that showcases who you are is sooo important for a bar or restaurant.  People want to get a feel for your brand and also where you are located, your menus and more.

We will either take over your existing website or build you a brand new one that showcases and tells your story.

In addition to telling your story your site must be mobile friendly, load quickly, be seo optimized, be eye catching and user friendly.  We take care of all of this for you!

We also take care of regular updates for you as needed and adding additional content.



We would love to set up a time to talk about your Restaurant and how you are currently marketing and where you would like to be in terms of customers in the door and revenue.