In today’s fast-paced environment restaurant guests expect to be able to access FREE WIFI when they visit your establishment.  This being the case why not benefit by turning your FREE WIFI into a marketing tool for your business?

WIFI marketing allows you to turn your guest WIFI hotspots into a powerful marketing platform that can help you automatically track customer visits and reward those that are loyal guests and also encourage those that haven’t been in for a while to come back.

Our Powerful Loyalty WIFI Marketing product can help you do the following items almost on autopilot by just offering FREE WIFI:

  • Build Your Customer Database
  • Get Customer Reviews
  • Encourage First Time Guests to Come Back
  • Reward Loyal Guests
  • Invite Those that Haven’t Been in for a While Back
  • Send Out Birthday Promotions
  • Send Out Anniversary Promotions
  • Send Out Email Blasts for Special Events and Promos
  • Track the Walk-Through Rate on the Emails You Send Out
  • Gather Demographic Data on Your Guests
  • And Much More

If you offering FREE WIFI – which you should be – why not turn it into a marketing tool?

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