Do You Provide FREE WiFi?

Would you like to continue to do so – AND – be able to create loyal repeat customers from those that use your WiFi?

Turning guest WiFi into a customer engagement tool


Did you know that there are over 1.8 million commercial WiFihotspots in North America?  Each year more and more are coming online because businesses that offer WiFi have the potential to attract loyal customers who will spend more money.  

Up to 62% of businesses report customers spend more time in their locations if WiFi is offered – and that isn’t just squatting with laptops.  Studies have also shown that customers spend more when WiFi is available.

Why not turn your WiFi into a true marketing tool with our WiFi Loyalty Marketing Tool.


WiFi Marketing Increases Customer Loyalty

WiFi Marketing is a Game Changer

5X Faster Data Collection

It is time to replace that fishbowl or email sign-up list – with WiFi Loyalty Marketing businesses collect customer contact info 5x faster than traditional methods.


Faster Business Growth

Customers who sign on to our WiFi Loyalty Marketing system visit over 50% more than those who don’t.  See the loyalty in your reports!!! 

Build Loyal Customers

Build a strong loyal following by engaging your customers on a regular basis.  Customers that feel connected to you are 5x more likely to remain loyal.

Win Back Lost Customers

Entice lost customers to return with a lost-customer smart email.  19% of them return within 30 days!


Components of Our WiFi Loyalty Marketing Program

  • Branded hotspots greet customers and promote features
  • Building guests lists is effortless and validates email addresses
  • Welcome messages invite every new customer back with a personal message
  • Dashboard track visits, email performance and other key metrics
  • Smart Emails can respond automatically to customer behavior with targeted campaigns that boost business
  • Send targeted emails to lists of any size with up to 50,000 campaigns
  • Walk-through rates track real-world performance with clear analytics
  • Profile enrichment automatically enhances guest profiles with demographic info

WiFi Loyalty Marketing is powering over 7,000 business like yours

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