Restaurant Loyalty Marketing Results

In 31 Days 279 contacts were easily added to this restaurants mailing list with no work on their part.
529 Emails were sent automatically to new and existing customers based on their number of visits and birthday emails.
441 Repeat customers can through the door.
Revenue of $8,820 was generated from loyal customers returning.

Social Media Results

Having an active social media presence is a very important component in your restaurant marketing plan.  It is also very important to have an engaged audience for your social media channels.  We work hard to grow your social media following and also ensure that your audience is engaged with you.  We utilize a combination of different branded post types to encourage interaction from your followers as well as encourage them to come in!

Driving Customers to your Bar or Restaurant

It is our goal to drive customers to your bar or restaurant utilizing the components of our restaurant marketing plan.  Once we drive them there then we use our loyalty marketing components to keep them coming back.

This shows just a handful of metrics that we measure to see how you are showing up and being found by your customers.


We would love to set up a time to talk about your Restaurant and how you are currently marketing and where you would like to be in terms of customers in the door and revenue.